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Bitdefender, is an award winning security company looking to dominate the market. With over half a billion installs since 2001, they are clearly putting in everything they’ve got into the marketing and developments of their products. In comparison, Avira have been around 15 more years and have a mere 483 million installs. Bitdefender have 17 products split into 4 categories; Home, Business, Internet Security and Free Tools, so whether you require personal or enterprise protection - Bitdefender has got your back!

  • Features - 7
  • Security - 10
  • Support - 7
  • Affordability - 8


Multi-layer ransomware protection with ransomware remediation. Parental Control. Network Threat Prevention which stops attacks before they can reach you plus includes privacy tools such as Bitdefender VPN and Bitdefender Safepay.



The website is full of reviews and awards, which clearly shows they are proud of their security and protection. They even include screenshots of the program, so you’ll know exactly how the user interface is going to look even before purchasing. Obviously they aren’t trying to hide anything at all which should give you great confidence in the product. From the screenshots you’ll see that the user interface is very simple, flat and clean which we really like! No complicated terminology providing a great user experience, you’ll certainly be able to use this software even if you are computer illiterate! Thumbs up to Bitdefender for this one!

  • AV Test - 99.90%
  • AV Comparatives - 100.00%


Bitdefender like pretty much all antivirus companies offer a support section on their website, which makes perfect sense, people don’t pick up the phone directories anymore, it’s quicker to google the company or plug in a web address directly in your browser. So when landing on the support page you’d expect the layout to obviously point you in the correct direction, Bitdefender does do this but only initially. You’ll be greeted with a Home user and Business user support choice - after selecting the appropriate section a lightbox will automatically appear, almost forcing you to do a manual search for any already covered issues, but we find that most people don’t want this, they either want live chat, a phone number or email address straight away. Even when closing down the lightbox the ‘Directly contact our support team’ section is still fairly unclear. On the other hand, after looking around the support section there is some seriously good content, so if you’re not looking to spend time waiting for an email reply or connecting to a customer advisor on live chat we feel confident you could find a lot of answers here instead.



For a standard home user you get a few different packages to choose from, depending on your goal depends on the required package. Bitdefender Internet Security starts at around $39.98 for 1 device for 1 year. We also noticed that Bitdefender often offer awesome deals when you increase the device count. At the moment 3 devices for 1 year is now $42.56, which when compared to the standard single device package is remarkable. Even if you can only find 2 devices to install the software on, purchasing the 3 device option will reduce your annual fee by almost 50% per device.

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Garry Kruger

Best product found so far. Had Norton before and got infected twice. When I installed Bitdefender, it found several Trojan viruses that weren't found by previous product. Computer seemed to run as quickly as before, so no performance hit. Scan does take a long time, but at least it does a thorough job.

Brian Erhardt

15 days and counting BD still not working have had at least 6 different names of people looking to correct problems funny thing is nothing done, with the exception, wish to render my account useless by disabling activation code

Allen Marshall

I have 2x run into incompatibility between BitDefender and the VPN hosts that I need to use. These are presented by 2 separate clients. In both cases, it appears that BitDefender is both unsupported (which may be OPSWAT' false) plus when interrogated it apparently reports the av as WIndows Defender (wrong), which the VPN portals do not accept. This requires UNINSTALLING BD altogether then reinstalling some other AV product in order to use the VPN sites. As I said, this is the second time in the last 6 months for 2 separate VPN hosts with 2 separate VPN technologies. The BD support folks are pleasant but their go-to solution is to uninstall their product. What is the value of that?

Wayne McClellan

The WORST ever, talked to tech and when I asked him if I had to SCAN my computer twice he Hung UP on me and I never got to install a thing but they sure took my money! trying to file complaint with M/C

Negassi Bereke

I want to install it please


Only the very best...you'd be a fool to look elsewhere


Have used Total Security for the past 2 years on a Windows 10 laptop. I always buy on sale but at regular price its cost is middle of the road. Easy to install. I find it does not slow things down much and is not intrusive. It seems pretty effective in having picked up a few things in the past couple of years. My two contacts with customer service through email were responded to promptly with resolution of my problem. I abstained from installing on my smart phone at my carrier's advise. In her experience additional anti-virus caused problems. Was formerly a happy Kaspersky customer for many years. Noticed it became somewhat slower. Cost also was a factor.


I've been using their software for some time and except for support issues have been fairly satisfied. I don't care for the way their prices have gone up or the fact that you don't really purchase the software, you rent it, but at least it works. Rather, it works once you get past it's installation. Recently I had issues installing it on a couple of devices. On 1 device (a small pad) it wouldn't install; it came back with an error message indicating that the processor used in the pad wasn't good enough to work with Bitdefender. It installed on the other device (also a pad) OK but seriously affected the performance of the pad (it no longer allowed screen rotation). It turned out that my previous issues with their support staff was nothing compared to what I was getting ready to go through. After starting the initial ticket I received an email requesting certain information about the pad and the issue; I was fairly certain that I'd sent this information in with the initial contact but sent it again anyway. Then I received another email asking for the same thing. This went on for a while and I just stopped playing the game; it was that they either couldn't solve the issue or they simply weren't going to bother. This, by the way, was similar to my previous issues with their support staff. Those issues just never got to that point. My "lease" is almost up and I'm looking different anti-virus this time; for the price Bitdefender just isn't worth the headaches.


Home office system (on Mac High Sierra using Outlook 365) for 15 years. Bitdefender is the first every AV installed on the Mac, installed yesterday (only used free Malwarebytes in the past)as never had any problems with Malware/virus's. Ran Bitedefender after install and it found a mix of 12 Trojans and various other nasties which it deleted which came as a bit of a shock. Plugged in our backup drive (20 years of data) and did a custom scam (still running) and has so far it has found 54 infected files 11 resolved (still scanning and has a lot left on the backup to scan so will prob find a lot more however I suspect most will be ancient nasties and easily picked up). Slows the system a little while scanning but no noticeable system slowing when monitoring in the background. Downloaded it onto a new 2018 Macbook Pro (synced to the main Mac) and it picked up the same nasties which no doubt had been transferred from the main Mac through syncing though not so many as the laptop is only a few months old. Very easy to download and install. So far quite happy.


This is the second time I have had this..They have added a few mores tools. Hoping some improvement.


I HATE Bitdefender the program tries to jam itself into everything so get ready to do a lot of bull plop that you should not have to. Starting with, giving every game you have/download permission to save its game in its own folder. being blocked from saving pictures to your own folders. piss poor customer service that slow and drawn-out and so much more. I can not wait for my subscription to be up with bitdefender so i can go back to Norton. i might just say screw it and by Norton now so i never have to deal with bitdefender again.

C Deasy

It made my computer slow and it crashed so many times... forget it ...not reliable, really upset



Graham Slocombe

I bought into the hype about Bitdefender, everybody was raving about it and after subscribing I would strongly advise anyone against this software, or rather this company. The software works fine enough, when you have worked through all the contrived overpriced marketing packages to confuse you into buying more than you need, or more to the point buying the wrong package! Technical support is diabolical, they don't give a shit. I bought a package for 5 computers for my family members, but we were not on a network and I couldn't work out how to get the software onto the other computers because they couldn't download from my licence and so I wrote email after email after email trying to either get support of get my money back. All I got in over a year were two emails telling me they were busy and would deal with my query ASAP because I mattered to them ha ha! They never dealt with my query EVER. They are a diabolically useless company with poor ethics towards their customers - contemptible actually, but SUPER MARKETING STRATEGY to their benefit! Obviously I did not renew my subscription, but interestingly I keep getting their reports telling me x number of threats were detected but that I was not protected. Then I moved to an area where we had zero internet connectivity (out the back of beyond) and hey presto I still received Bitdefender reports telling me x number of threats were detected. I found this curious since I was not even on the dam internet! I do not trust this company one little bit and would genuinely advise people try another package rather than Bitdefender, because I am sure I am not alone. Once a company breaks communication you are dead in the water. I rather hoped in faith and common decency that since none of my emails were ever responded to that when I ceased paying the subscription I would get an email from a human asking why and thus giving me the chance to air my grievances and get what I paid for - cover for 5 computers. They still didn't contact me to ask why I ceased the subscription - an ethical and caring company would: I have been in business and I would ask why one of my customers went elsewhere! Maybe if Bitdefender people read this they might contact me, but somehow I doubt it.

Tim M

I just installed Bitdefender Total Security 2018, and shortly thereafter noticed that several of my key work programs had stopped functioning. No indication Bitdefender was the problem, so I wasted a *lot* of time trying to track down the issue. When I looked at Bitdefender, it helpfully told me that it had prevented over a HUNDRED "malicious programs" from running. Without telling me AT ALL. Guess what the "malicious programs" were? Software that is open source and delivered by a secure channel to my computer, so I KNOW it was not a trojan. The thing is, trojans are often written using pieces of open source software.So Bitdefender was falsely identifying this commonly used tool (MSYS, a Windows native port of Bash along with a Unix-like development environment) as a trojan. And it gave me no easy way to tell it NOT to keep killing and deleting my tools. Worse, it also seemed to lock certain files in a way that prevented the file from being recreated. I could see this as being useful in a scenario where the malware is repeatedly trying to create a file, but there was no way to STOP it from blocking the COMPLETELY valid file from being created, and no easy way to report a false positive. This is antivirus designed for completely clueless users who never use anything but Word and Chrome, which undoubtedly work fine. As soon as you go outside of their familiar software, expect a nightmare.