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Avast! Is a security suite package developed by Avast Software who are a Czech based company who made their debut into the world of business in 1988. This highly experienced company know what they are doing in the cyber security world, that’s for sure! Towards the end of 2016 they bought AVG for $1.3 billion.

  • Features - 8
  • Security - 10
  • Support - 7
  • Affordability - 9


One feature stands out to us and that’s ‘Sandbox’ - A tool that allows the user to run any file within a confined and controlled virtual environment. If the file is malicious it won’t cause any damage to the device when in this mode, as it’s not actually running on the device, but in this virtual mode. A very handy and innovative tool to reduce the chance of viruses getting on your device. Avast! also comes with the standard features like, real-time scanning, a quarantine and even bonus features like a password manager and browser security tool. In other words the software is packed full of features.



Avast! is a company with a great reputation and tons of awards to back up this up. Software is always evolving however, so awards can quickly become out-dated and not representative of the current software the company produces. However if the company has so many awards you’d expect them to always produce quality goods.. well that’s not always the case, Norton for example produced a very unstable version of their AV and consumers were going mad, we don’t blame them. Viruses are always being changed in order to get around AVs so if they can’t keep up with the times, serious threats could start to sneak through. We performed our own testing with some of the most recent and aggressive viruses and honestly, the software is performed flawlessly and looks great too.

  • VB100 - 100.00%
  • AV Test - 100.00%
  • AV Comparatives - 99.60%


24/7 phone support is a great addition to their support but they are lacking live chat which is a bummer as it’s such a convenient way of contacting companies these days! Their website however, is stunning! Potentially the nicest site out of all the companies we review. To be able to navigate around a website with ease is truly one of the most satisfying things and trust us, you can do this with Avast! Great work Avast!



Avast! offer an amazing free solution which millions of people use but comparing a free version to paid wouldn’t seem fair. Obviously, Avast! also offer a paid solution otherwise we wouldn’t be reviewing them right now. So, their Premier antiirus package works out at $69.99 per year per device. Only offering 1 device protection per subscription is quite disappointing as the average citizen now owns 2.5 internet connected devices! Most companies nowadays will allow at least 2 devices per subscription to cater for the average consumer. However Avast! do offer a 30 day free trial which is a great way to try out their software with no commitment whatsoever.

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Nope - 06/05/2019

i didnt even download it and it calles all my games VIRUSES and shuts them down! I hate it!

Kathleen Hay - 04/09/2019

I upgraded to full protection on the 10/2/2019 paid $50. had nothing but trouble with it, I took it to the computer service man and he said it was the AVG program my computer had over 1000 viruses. the man had to delete every thing and start again he told me never to put AVG on the computer again. I don't know if you give refunds , or I have to put it down to experience , not a happy customer

kim jolly - 04/01/2019

Looking around for AV ware. Avast had a lot of good reviews. The web site indicates you can get a free copy. I opted for that only to be charged. If it is that good I will persevere. Installation and activation is confusing with little help in the setup facility. Avast consists of several modules, when ordering make sure you get the correct one. I just wanted internet protection somehow I also managed to get Avast passwords, do not want that. I am a Mac user and use mail to manage my email accounts. Avast is constantly asking me for the email account passwords, then I get several messages a day from Microsoft about suspicious activity on my email accounts. Avast appears to block access to the email accounts. If anyone is considering using Avast get a through understanding of how it works before you install it, otherwise you could be in for some interesting times. I did call support once they did resolve the installation problem, but the woman on the help desk was very abrupt and I got the impression had better things to do with her time than waste it on customers.

420-275398-453q98645 - 03/15/2019

I like avast so much so that I gave you £34.99 on the 9/9/2018. It says on bank statement that it went to you from my card 1810 08/2018 to CBA*Avast Software S.R CLEVERBRIDGE . DE so please update your records.

David Huffine - 02/23/2019

I bought AVG from my internet provider years ago. Then, viola!, it was free and called Avast. But what they put on my PC is Avast business antivirus. Now, every day or even more often, when I go to check on it, it's now "turned off". So I have to turn on about 6 different buttons, run the scan, then it's back on again. Then 6 or 10 hrs later, it's turned off again. No, no one else is messing with the PC and it's not networked. What's up with that? Why does everyone think it's so great if it keeps turning off?

Michael Grudman - 02/20/2019

The best one

Tony H - 01/19/2019

Still the best free anti-virus software.

Richard Smith - 12/29/2018

Excellent nothing gets by.

Doreen Dentist - 12/05/2018

I have always been delighted with "Avast" . Is it time to renew same?

JMT - 11/21/2018

nothing but problems with vpn secureline-keeps shutting down and have to reconnect. With regards to AVAST anti-track, this does not protect, just makes more work and does not block malware, etc.

pleb - 11/02/2018

Its good

NORMAN JENKINS - 10/21/2018

I like avast so much so that I gave you £34.99 on the 9/9/2018. It says on bank statement that it went to you from my card 1810 08/2018 to CBA*Avast Software S.R CLEVERBRIDGE . DE so please update your records.

yvonne holmes - 08/13/2018

been using free avast for 10yrs and todate never had a problem it blocks anything that tries to get on my laptop

MWT - 03/21/2018

I have had their products now for over 3 years. For the most part, they are patient & courteous. Even in the middle of the night when they are tired, they are polite and solve the problem. They have gotten me out of many a pickle - next best thing to having my own IT guy. I am a retired college librarian; IT and I got to see a lot of each other over the years keeping all library's computers up and running. Thank heavens there is AVAST.