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Kaspersky are one of the biggest names in the PC protection space offering their security services to over 300 million users and 250 thousand businesses worldwide. With almost 20 years of experience under their belt, Kaspersky have consistently been a leader in the market, offering quality anti-malware products fit for personal users and corporations alike. The company is well known in the industry for their antivirus software and its efficiency in dealing with malware threats without using up much processing power (a common issue in protection products due to their heavy background activity).

  • Features - 7
  • Security - 9
  • Support - 7
  • Affordability - 7


Kaspersky Internet Security includes the same antivirus protection as their other plans but allows you to use on other deviecs like Smartphone or Tablet. But the $59.95 price is for 1 device anyway. It also includes additional privacy tools and helps protect your online purchases this is via the Kaspersky Secure Connection which is a VPN. The software was easy to install and use, it’s extremely hard to get anything wrong. You can also use Kaspersky on your Android and Mac with ‘Internet Protection’



Kaspersky Internet Security is a regular participant in various different independant virus testing labs and always performs well. You can see the latest scores below.

  • VB100 - 100.00%
  • AV Test - 100.00%
  • AV Comparatives - 99.50%


With every plan you get Technical Support via phone, live chat and email, as well as free 24/7 online sales support (an example of what you can use this for is enquiries into different plans, helping you choose which one you need). One great addition is the 30-day, “no questions asked” money-back guarantee on all online purchases, allowing you to be more confident in purchasing Kaspersky products. Tech support isn’t available around the clock, only from 5AM to 11PM eastern with no support on calendar holidays. Our attempts to reach support went very smoothly, we were instantly connected to a tech expert from Kaspersky on request which would have been fantastic during an emergency.



Kaspersky’s ‘Internet Security’, is their middle tier of protection, it offers a year of protection for 1 device for $59.95. I Kaspersky provide real-time and proactive protection of your computer. In other words, it’s a fairly simple piece of software, but it does it’s intended job well. For an extra $5, you can upgrade to their ‘Internet Security’ software, which builds on the basic, entry-level product with additions like financial transaction protection, webcam protection, anti-spyware measures and some great privacy features. There is the option to upgrade once more for yet another $10, which adds another set of really useful features. The upgrades are most definitely worth the money. Overall, Kaspersky’s products are good value for money.

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R.Nich - 05/31/2019

Best antivirus available..I've tried the others, They don't compare to the quality and security of Kaspersky..The others will allow third party data mining software to scan your files in return of compensation for access to your PC. Kaspersky has kept my companies virus free for 12 years ..I can't say that for Norton , Mcafee and AVG and Trend Micro everyone of those have failed to provide the protection needed , even in their premium packages.

Gary - 03/01/2019

Kaspersky free antivirus quick scan is quick and easy to use.

Floyd - 02/25/2019

Their privacy policy is disgusting. Basically they can spy on you all day and all night and sell the data to whomever they like. If you have Kaspersky on your machine, Kaspersky is the virus.

Lynn - 02/20/2019

I had to uninstall this. It changed settings and VPN kept announcing (incorrectly) my phone wasn't a secure connection and switched off mobile data, which in effect won't let my laptop hotspot to my phone.

Keith - 02/03/2019

Prevents FreeNAS (iXsystems) GUI from working on all functions.

zev a. Fischer - 01/20/2019

Ok anti-viruses that as far as my experience goes works but does slow down you're computer considerably and may have other issues. I can't truly recommend it although it's not a scam like "Total AV" or "Scan Guard", but even then still keep an eye out for any UN-wanted problems that may occur. Also the same goes for Avira but Avira is better.

Wally - 11/19/2018

Very reliable and secure. For years I had and it never let my PC down. Buying it every year on X-Mas sales - very cheap. Big advantage is you can release PC memory by switching Kaspersky off when no need and you are working online.

John P - 11/19/2017

slows down the computer, constantly scanning and updating. Had it for years but am going to through in the towel. I also have some concerns that this is a Russian company. I believe i read something several months ago that the government had some issues with them. Have at least 3/4 of the year left, not to concerned about loosing $$. just want the speed back on my machine

Priscilla - 11/06/2017

I dont feel safe using this anymore. it changing my computer settings, so confusing and messing up my picture files. are they doing their job protecting our computer or spying on things we love to do. I hate this i cannot wait until it over.

Antonio Moreno - 10/29/2017

I think Kaspersky is a good antivirus but I need better deal.

ron - 10/24/2017

i like it and it works very well for me. all the other ones slow down the computers i tryed them all and didnt like them at all.

noel leiner - 10/05/2017

The program is solid. I have used it for a while a do not see any problems. Easy to use and it has caught some problems that have come up

Helen Miller - 05/28/2017

Have used Kaspersky since 2011 back then Sales and Service were excellent, not so now, won't be purchasing the product again due to lack of real service. I think it has all been outsourced.......

Gelinda - 03/24/2017

Kaspersky worked ok until I up-graded now my computer is so slow and freezes up all the time. I have had online chat with a tech. a bunch of times nothing gets any better. I'm not sure if they know what they are doing. I'm stuck with this for a whole year. I'm going to see of I can get my money back.

Rhonda - 01/17/2017

Hate it! Doesn't run on XP well.