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Norton Antivirus, developed and distributed by Symantec in 1991 is a strong contender in the security suite game. The product has 25 years of evolution under its belt and it definitely packs-a-punch when it comes to design and usability! Symantec haven’t just concentrated on the private sector but have also generated a ‘small business’ solution which allows centralized management from the cloud. Being one of the most identifiable brands in the antivirus industry, (possibly due to it’s original colour scheme?) means that software issues in any of the versions released could mean huge amounts of stick from the media. However it’s not all bad news, Norton have more PC magazine editors’ choice awards than any other security company. PCMAG.com have awarded Norton their editors’ choice 37 times!

  • Features - 5
  • Security - 6
  • Support - 8
  • Affordability - 8


Depending on the suite you decide to go for, the feature set will vary. All suites come with the basic Virus, Spyware, Malware and Online threat defender, meaning even if you opt for the cheapest, most basic version you’ll still be covered by the fundamentals. If you feel that having the standard protection isn’t adequate enough, then the next solution doesn’t really offer a lot more - for an extra $10 per year, you’ll get smartphone protection, access to an online web portal (which could be seen as a gimmicky feature) and protection for up to another 4 devices. We think this is the deciding factor for spending the extra few quid, as the average american has 3 or more devices connecting to the internet.



Like we said earlier, Norton has 25 years of experience so you’d expect a reliable, stable and quality product. However some reports say differently. Norton has been known to detect completely benevolent software as being malicious and by doing so leaves the software useless. It’s not always better to be safe than sorry, especially not in this case.

  • AV Test - 100.00%
  • AV Comparatives - 99.30%


Norton have a top notch support section on their website, head over to the Need Help? menu on the navigation bar where you will be introduced to categoric support, from help with Downloading/Installing to Threat removal. However, if you haven’t got the time to explore the website for your query, then you have the ability to search the whole support site. If none of this interests you, or maybe you just want to be in contact a human who can give you a definite answer, scroll on down to the bottom of the page where you will find Contact Support. Live chat is the most popular option - very minimum wait time and you don’t have to move from your seat! Annoyingly, if you want to pick up the phone to call someone, getting access to Norton’s contact number is harder than it should be, you will have to fill out a rather unnecessarily-long form.



At $3.35 pm for the standard package, which allows protection for only one device and only offers the most simplest set of features, it’s nowhere near the most cost effective product on the market, luckily they do offer a Deluxe suite which significantly improves the cost effectiveness. The Deluxe package costs $49.99 but for this you get 5 times the amount of protection! What we mean by this is that you can cover up to 5 devices, including Windows, Macs, Smartphones and Tablets (Android or iOS). This works out at just under $10 per device, which we think is very reasonable.

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Mark R Hagood - 08/20/2019

Norton is not good any longer; bought Norton Antivirus to load on new laptop and it wouldn't load so called the company; they informed me the virus protection won't load up because of MALWARE problem and wanted an excessive amount of money to fix it; upon research I learned that in fact Norton and other companies have a Malware software to load i[ for considerably less money but they tried to sell me on having them doing it for @$595 for basic and about $1000 for lifetime; the software is available at one store for $50. I had been with Norton for many years but this did it for me; I'm done.

Efodia Kamia - 06/28/2019

install Norton

R.Nich - 05/31/2019

Norton is worthless, It provided very little protection and caused several thousands of dollars in loss to equipment due to missed viruses that infected our offices..Weve been using Kaspersky for 12 years and never had virus damage to a single computer ..Norton in my opinion is a virus in itself its lack of protection and suspected third party malware data mining through Norton

joseph a bouchard - 03/30/2019

i bought a new computer and all i want os to tranmsfer my account to my new one and am having no luck

Defob - 01/21/2019

Norton is everything PC Mag says it is, been user over a year. Aggressive users actually want false positives, and I trust Norton to come up with marginal ones. But I request an exception if I'm not in paranoid mode. Then I go behind Norton detection, and identify my own false positives removing PUPs tongue in cheek. Norton handles cleanup while still letting me be in charge of major cleanups.

John V. - 01/19/2019

Here's what I've learned to expect of Norton. The product is great but that's where it ends. They will lure you in with a low price then upon renewal the price will increase to 3 or 4 times what you were paying. You will call to complain then they will cut the price and not tell you about the automatic renewal. The next year it will start all over again. But you're smarter and will say you don't want the automatic renewal. The next year it will automatically renewal again! They will say we sent you an email but you know they didn't. They will say we have no record of you not wanting the automatic notice but because you're a valued customer we will cut your bill in half. You can ask for a supervisor but you will only get the same baloney from that person. When you ask for the name of the department or person that is telling them to lie to you they will tell you it's company policy not to give out that information. You can do what you want but I'm looking elsewhere.

John Craigie - 01/09/2019

Installed on Apple MacBook Pro with OSX, I thought the Norton and Symantec name would mean something but unfortunately this antivirus program does not allow for excluding APPS, it finds my MACBOOSTER program/app as a virus and deletes it, I have confirmation from Norton that the antivirus program on Mac OSX can not exclude individual programs/apps, so please be careful.

Kaz - 11/30/2018

I was shocked when I got the renewal fee for the next 12 months. $219 AUD ! I think far too expensive for what it is. They also take the money out of your bank early well before expiry date !! Another corporation overpriced to previous loyal customers. I'm moving on and will not be renewing again that's for sure.

Pat Oxby - 11/18/2018

Mine has just expired and i was offered a great price to renew it BUT in the ensuing years Norton take out of your account, automatically, the full price. I do not agree with this at all and will not be renewing it with them

Lora - 08/11/2018

This slows my computer down significantly. It has adds that pop up, even though I am not using a free version which makes the computer essentially stop while it is loading. It blocks very reliable and safe websites that I frequent as possibly being fraudulent. I have a lot of time left in my subscription but am paying for a new program so I can delete this off of my computer. If you try it, immediately delete the automatic renewal because the price will likely change. It will continue to ask you to renew, I have nearly 300 days left and it is advertising for that already. Cannot recommend.

hihohohogamer - 08/08/2018

im abit unhappy about Norton. I installed and it slowed my pc down. the cleanup feature was great. but it slowed down my pc i switched to malwarebytes. I may come back to it. i wouldn't say its trash but its not great

Jon - 02/19/2018

last time i dealt with Norton, i paid, upfront 120 months, for two products. was promised a generous return policy. after testing for a week or so, i decided the product was so clunky and ineffective I didn't want it taking up space on the ole HDD. So to check out that return policy. Norton left it up to Google to decide if my reason for return was acceptable to them. wouldn't you know it wasn't? Result: Norton NEVER again and further mistrust launched towards Google.

Angela - 01/28/2018

wont let you download free trial expect you to pay right away even though they say free trial

Mike Stokes - 12/18/2017

Watch out for their auto renewal at different price!

Krish - 11/05/2017

This makes by computer very slow. i dont recommend this.